Universe Development and the New Trend of High-tech Investment


the world view of the meta universe

  • yuan universe is a combination of multiple high-end technology to create a parallel 3D virtual world

  • infrastructure is the key pillar of the construction of the meta universe world, mainly (1)5G network, the advent of 6G;(2) 3 nm and higher process technology.semiconductor wafer;(3) support for micro sensorsMEMS(MEMS);(4) more durableBattery

  • universe is not just "one" universe, but a combination of a series of diversified technologies, more like the integration and innovation of global high-tech development in the past 30 years.

yuan universe market investment opportunities

  • Bloomberg Intelligence analysis, the global meta-universe market will reach $783.3 billion in 2024.Online Game Makerandsocial networkwill compete for leadership in the meta-universe economy in the general trend of game, social and user-created content.

  • the underlying hardware and supporting technology will be the two main axes of investment in the next 10 years. The six core technologies are games, interactivity, block chain, Internet of Things, network and artificial intelligence.

  • Investment Opportunity One: Semiconductor Hardwareis the foundation of everything in the meta-cosmic world, equivalent to the heart of the meta-cosmic world. Whether it is equipped with equipment or data processing equipment, it requires the use of chips and processors.

  • Investment Opportunity II: Network Technology, the meta-universe is the next generation of the Internet (Web3.0)

  • investment strategy:focus on leading U.S. network technology and semiconductors, Taiwan semiconductor companies, and A- share application IC non-leading companies. Focus on artificial intelligence, deep learning, virtual reality, data center, high-speed computing (High Performance Computing) and other applications

  • yuan universe concept stock
  • Selected Cases: NVIDIA, Tencent

  • Alternative Stock Pool: U.S. Semiconductor and Internet Stocks (including Chinese stocks), A- share CRE Semiconductor Stocks, Taiwan Semiconductor Stocks

Product Features of Richwell Meta-Universe Multi-Strategy Fund SP

  • funds are fundamental quantification, risk diversification, strategic complementarity and risk hedging.

  • Fund focuses on technologies related to the meta-universe (such as blockchain, AI artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.) and focuses on high-growth industries such as high-tech (such as semiconductors) and new energy (such as electric vehicles).