Richwell focus on deep cultivation of high-tech and digital economy industry chain

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's digital economic ecology has exploded in recent years, attracting more players and capital from research and development of soft and hardware goods to digital assets recorded on the blockchain. In the face of this fast-changing and high-threshold new trillion-dollar business opportunity, richwell Financial Group has stepped across digital asset management from the original asset management field to provide investors with innovative solutions in a regulated environment. Recently, its Richwell asset management company officially launched its business. In addition to launching two new fund products, it will also set up customer service centers in key Asian cities to provide qualified professional investment clients in Asia with high-quality local services.


Richwell specializes in financial investment industry chain upstream and downstream well-known semiconductor analyst Eric Chen Huiming as chief investment adviser

Richwell, said that richwell Financial Group's companies will gradually form the upstream and downstream relationship of the financial investment industry chain, focus on deep cultivation of the high-tech and digital economic industry chain, and establish the iconic position of "semiconductor authority", "meta-universe expert" and "blockchain financial leader. First of all, the group invited Eric Chen Huiming, a well-known semiconductor analyst in Asia, to serve as its chief investment consultant. He was named the best individual analyst by the authoritative magazine "Institutional Investor", which is known as the Oscar in foreign investment circles, and the first place in "Asian Semiconductor Analyst" by Asian Yuan Magazine (AsiaMoney).


Joins Blockchain Team DeFITs Next Week to Play Digital Economy

Richwell will formally sign a strategic cooperation agreement with deFITs Capital, Taiwan's top block chain technology team, on August 18. DeFITs Capital Technology will take a stake in Richwell investment management company under the group. The two sides will provide decentralized financial services (DeFi) for digital asset management, NFT (non-homogeneous tokens) for issuing and collecting digital assets and other digital asset management fields recorded by block chains, combine the expertise, advantages and experience of the two companies to carry out in-depth cooperation.


's Two New Funds Raise Promising DeFITs Fund Before Performance Sensational Oversubscribed 130% Ahead of Target
The Richwell's two new funds are the Richwell Multi-Strategy Fund and the Richwell-DeFITs Decentralized Financial Arbitrage Fund. Through the in-depth cooperation between the team and many large institutions and industry leaders, richwell Multi-Strategy Fund has obtained characteristic commodities that only large institutional legal persons can invest in, including Pre-IPO targets to be listed on Nasdaq/HKEx/Kechuang Board, fixed increase/allotment stocks issued on HKEx, private placement of US dollar bonds of Vietnam's leading real estate company, credit-linked notes (CLN) of American Aerospace Communications Company, etc., which have been officially issued at present, during the initial offering period to the end of September, the pre-purchase volume nearly reached the target of 70%. As for Richwell-DeFITs decentralized financial arbitrage fund, which is the first commodity jointly launched by Richwell and DeFITs Capital and is currently the first formal licensed fund in Asia to trade using DeFi strategy, although it is expected to be officially released on September 9, it has been overpurchased and reached the standard 130 percent ahead of schedule.


funds are highly regulated by third-party institutions, and their operations are fully transparent.

Richwell ensure the transparency of the operation of its funds in a regulated environment, and specially employ well-known, professional and reliable third-party service providers to supervise and implement fund administration for the funds, including the fund administrator APEX Fund Services (Hong Kong), which belongs to APEX Group and is the top three fund administration service providers in the world; MHA Cayman, the fund audit, belongs to Hudson Certified Public Accountants, a well-known British MacIntyre, it is one of the few accounting firms that can cover comprehensive strategies. Ogier Aojie, the fund's legal adviser, is a world-renowned offshore law firm with offices in 10 jurisdictions and has won numerous awards in offshore business in recent years. The fund bank's special account is the Hong Kong Branch of China Trust Bank, while the executive securities firm and custodian are Yuandai Securities (Hong Kong) and Liufu Finance (Hong Kong), both of which are well-known financial institutions.


focus on "assets" and "capital" management future formation strategy "boutique investment bank" and "investment"

Richwell Financial Group is an emerging financial investment institution with "asset management" and "capital management" as its dual core operations. Its core members have their own strengths and complementary professions in the financial field, with an average working experience of more than 20 years. The asset management business is positioned as Asia's leading innovative financial investment expert, with portfolio management as the core and deep cultivation of traditional financial investment. It has a forward-looking layout of blockchain financial investment, including Richwell asset management, Richwell investment management, SPC, a leading richwell fund, and Richwell family offices. The capital management business is positioned as the driving force for Asian small and medium-sized enterprises to successfully move towards the capital market, with financial advisory services as the core, business areas include investment and financing consultants, mergers and acquisitions consultants, IPO counseling and consulting. In the future, the two functions of "strategic boutique investment bank" and "strategic investment" will be formed as the core driving engine of the group's medium-and long-term development, including Richwell capital and Richwell financial advisers.


Group has a Hong Kong dual-license Monetary Authority endorsement.

Richwell Asset Management has obtained Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission, which can provide professional investors with services such as securities research and investment advice, and portfolio management; richwell investment management Approved by the BVI Financial Services Commission, it has the qualification of "approved investment manager" and can provide investment management or investment advisory services for private equity funds established in 39 approved jurisdictions; the richwell Foremost Fund SPC is a "registered fund" registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.


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